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May 15, 2018

China Slurry Pump is designed by Chinese government & Chinese pump manufacturers (Tobee is one of participants), It is advanced designed in oil lubricated frame could be more steady work in high pressure or the pumps in series. The impeller design is advanced and could be adjusted according to the requirement of the work site instead of using different type of pumps which is Min the pump and parts required and much easy to use and main. The TJ series China slurry Pump is widely used in power plant, metallurgy, mining, coal, building material and chemical industries to deliver abrasive fluid which is the best choice for updating old design slurry pumps.

Design Features:
• The Impeller of China slurry pumps could be adjustable. The engineer could calcuate the flow and head required then cut the impeller of china slurry pump's impeller to satisfy different required of the customers without new size pump. It could make the pump quantity and pump size at the minium ratio and required the minium spare parts to lower your cost.
• The China slurry Pumps are designed used oil lubricated frame instead of grease type. The oil cycles in the frame to cool the bearing and longer the use life the bearing and make the pump operation steady in high pressure conditions or the pumps in series.
• The China slurry Pump is designed at 4 pieces of packing and expeller seal together which is better peformance in high pressure or the pumps in series conditions.
• The advanced design with new development of high chrome materials make the pump much less in weight which means the pump are much economic at same size comparing Warman AH slurry pump but same in use life and hydraulic peformance.
• The China slurry Pumps are the best replacement products for Warman slurry pump in most conditions!

• Metallurgy and mine: Transport black and colored course-mine, fine-mine and slurry of end-mine, etc.
• Electric power: Transport ash mud & slurry in electric power, etc.
• Coal: Transport various course & fine coal mud, etc.
• Constructional material: Transport various slurry contain mud & sand, etc.
• Chemical industry departments: Transport every kinds of abrasive and corrosive slurry in the
phosphorus and kalium manufactories, etc.
• Environmental protection: Flue gas desulfurization and transportation of gypsum mortar, etc.
• Sometimes, it could also be used in dredging of settling lagoons and pumping of drilling mud etc.

China Slurry Pump China Slurry Pump China Slurry Pump China Slurry Pump

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