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Centrifugal Slurry Pump Selection

Dec 22, 2017

When selecting and designing slurry pumps, the abrasive nature of some slurries must be a consideration. When there is excessive wear on wet end pump parts due to highly abrasive slurries, the operational life of those parts is limited. Abrasive considerations are the abrading mineral itself, abrasive hardness, particle velocity, density, directions, sharpness, shape, size, and corrosiveness.

Ni-hard and rubber are abrasion resistant materials that are used for impellers, casing, suction covers, and so on, when the pump components are exposed to abrasion. The pump velocity should be kept low with abrasive handling pumps. Velocity is related to pump developed pressure, so with high head applications they will wear much more rapidly than low head applications. Pump part hardness is inversely proportional to abrasive wear, and wear varies directly with particle concentration.

Slurry pumps used for particles that are small and round can be made in synthetic and natural rubbers which have superior abrasion and corrosion resistance, and because of this, they exceed the Ni-Hard or other metals. Sharp and hard solids with high energy are unsuitable for rubber application because they can cut the rubber material. The dampening effect of rubber is low for impact angles greater than 20 degrees. Also, rubber is generally unsuitable for applications with heads over 150 ft. And where particles size exceeds 1/4 inch. Wear resistant metals such as Ni-hard are used on more coarse and harder slurries.

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