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Centrifugal Slurry Pump NPSH and Cavitation

Feb 01, 2018

Slurry Pump NPSH refers to net positive suction head. NPSH is particularly relevant inside centrifugal pumps and turbines, which are parts of a hydraulic system that are most vulnerable to cavitation. It may refer to one of two quantities in the analysis of cavitation.
Slurry Pump NPSHa: NPSH available at pump suction flange, at given flow rate and temperature
Slurry Pump NPSHr: NPSH required at pump suction flange, at given pump speed, flow rate and temperature to prevent cavitation.

Slurry Pump Cavitation is a phenomenon that adversely affects the performance of a centrifugal pump and it must be avoided during normal operation. The onset of cavitation in a pump, at any given speed and flow rate, is brought about by a particular combination of temperature and pressure at the pump suction flange. The absolute total head is called the Net Positive Suction Head or NPSH. The letter P tells us that NPSH, by definition, can never be a negative number.

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