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Centrifugal Slurry Pump Long-Term Storage Procedure

Dec 08, 2017

Slurry Pump & Accessories Long-Term Storage For Periods Greater Than 18 Months, But Less than 36 Months

Slurry Pumps

1. Prior to storage, thoroughly drain pumps of any and all water.
2. Indoor storage is required.
3. Protect the equipment from temperature and humidity extremes, and exposure to excessive dust, moisture and vibration.
4. Rotate the shaft several turns every three to five weeks.  
5. Every six months purge the labyrinth with grease to prevent dirt and/or moisture contamination of the bearings.
6. Protect rubber lined slurry pumps from heat, light and exposure to ozone.
7. The suction and discharge flange openings are to be covered unless connected to piping.
8. All external machined surfaces are factory coated with a rust preventative prior to shipment. Maintain the coating on these surfaces during storage.
9. For outdoor or excessively unfavorable environment, cover the equipment with some type of protective tarpaulin that will allow proper air circulation.
10. Prior to start-up, inspect the packing to insure that it is satisfactory. After a storage period of 18 months or longer, repacking with fresh dye formed packing is required at customer expense.
11. Maintain written documentation of labyrinth purging and shaft rotation intervals to be made available to Tobee upon request.

Slurry Pump Accessories
Consult the original manufacturer for specific recommendations on gear drives, electric motors, mechanical seals, etc. Depending on length of storage period, addition of rust inhibitors to oil, connection of space heaters or other requirements may exist to ensure the factory warranty remains valid. For storage period greater than 36 months, please contact Tobee Pump.

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