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Centrifugal Slurry Pump FAQ

Sep 30, 2017

Centrifugal Slurry Pumps Possible problems and solutions




No water is sucked up.

Air leak at the suction pipe or stuffing.

The direction of revolution is not correct or impeller is damaged.

Clogged suction pipe.

Stop the leak.

Check the direction of revolution, replace the impeller.

Remove debris from suction line.

The power of the shaft is too high

The gland assembly is too tight.

The stuffing is overheated.

Friction inside the pump.

Bearing is damaged.  

The belt at the motor is too tight.

The flow rate of the pump is too high.

The rate of revolution of the pump is too high.

The motor shaft and pump shaft is not co-centric or not parallel.

Loose the bolt of the gland assembly.

Eliminate friction.  

Replace the bearing.  

Adjust the belt.  

Adjust the work condition of the pump.

Adjust the rate of revolution.  

Adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft.

Overheating of bearing

Excessive or deficient lubricant at bearing.

Impurity in the lubricant.

Damage of the bearing.

Adjust the lubricant to an appropriate amount.

Replace the lubricant.

Replace the bearing.

Short service life

of bearing.

The motor shaft and pump shaft is not co-centric or not parallel.

The shaft is bent.

Friction inside the pump or imbalance of impeller.

Debris inside the bearing or incorrect amount of lubricants.

Wrong way of assembling the bearing.

Adjust the motor shaft and pump shaft.

Replace the shaft.

Eliminate friction, replace impeller

Clean bearing

Replace the bearing

Severe leak at gland


Severe wear and tear of the stuffing

Severe wear and tear of shaft sleeve

Impure sealing water

Replace stuffing

Replace shaft sleeve

Change to clean sealing water

Vibration of the pump and excessive


Damage of the bearing

Imbalance of impeller

Gas leak or jam at inlet pipe

Uneven flow rate

Replace the bearing

Replace the impeller

Eliminate the leak and clean the jammed area

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