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Andritz FP40-400 Double Suction Split Case Pump

Mar 12, 2018

Tobee® Andritz FP40-400.12 Double Suction Split Case Pump is ready to deliver German user, The FP40-400.12 pump will be used for pumping fine paper stock in a paper-making plant, It is 100% interchangeable with original Andritz split case pump.

The detailed data sheet is as following:

Pump name: Fan pump
Pump model: FP40-400.12
Pump structural: Double sution split case type
Capacity: 1800 m³/h
Pressure: 2 Bar
Head: 20 m
Speed: 1000rpm
Consistency : 1,2 %
Temperature : 50 %
Shaft sealing: Packing
Materials: Duplex stainless steel 1.4460
Original brand: Andritz hydro
Manufacturer: Tobee Pump

Tobee® FP40-400 Double Suction Split Case Pump Finished Photos:

Andritz FP40-400.12 Fan Pump

Andritz FP40-400 Paper Pulp Pump

Andritz FP Series Split Case Pump

Original Andritz FP40-400 Double Suction Split Case Pump Drawing:

Andritz FP 40-400 Fan Pump Drawing

For more information about Andritz FP Series Pump and Parts, Pls download:

FP Fan PumpAndritz FP Series Erection Work, Operating and Maintenance Instructions.pdf

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