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Tobee® TPR150SV Vertical Slurry Pump Rubber lined is Ready for Shipment

Oct 15, 2018

Tobee® TPR150SV vertical slurry pump is available in a wide range of popular sizes to suit most slurry pumping applications. The submerged depth can be customed from 1500mm to 3600mm, TPR series vertical pump is proving their reliability and efficiency worldwide in minerals processing, coal preparation, chemical processing, effluent handling, sand and gravel, and almost every other tank, pit or hole-in-the-ground slurry handling situation.

The Ordered TPR150SV Vertical Slurry Pump Datasheet:


Power P


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η


Impeller dia.




Submerged length





The TPR150SV Vertical Slurry Pump Photos:

Warman 150SV-SPR Vertical Slurry Pump

China Vertical Slurry pump

Warman Vertical Slurry pump

Heavy Duty Vertical Slurry Pump

Warman Vertical Sump Pump

150mm Vertical Slurry Pump Rubber Lined

China Rubber Lined Vertical Pump

Warman SPR Vertical Sump Pump

Tobee® TP/TPR pumps design with either hard metal (TP) or elastomer covered (TPR) components makes it ideal for: abrasive and/or corrosive slurries, large particle sizes, high density slurries, continuous or “snore” operation, heavy duties demanding cantilever shafts.

Tobee® TP/TPR vertical slurry pumps are available in various standard lengths to suit common sump depths, for very deep sumps or where high shaft speeds limit the length of the pump, a suction extension pipe can be fitted to the bottom inlet to extend the depth of the pump by up to 2 metres.

Pumping is maintained even when the top inlet is not submerged, thus enabling the level of liquid to be lowered right down to the bottom inlet or the bottom of any suction extension pipe.

To suit special requirements other Tobee® pump wet ends can be fitted to the standard Tobee® TP vertical pump dry end.

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