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Tobee® 14x12 and 12x10 Gravel Pumps Headed to Indonesia

Nov 05, 2018

Tobee® 14x12 and 12x10 Gravel Pumps are ready for delivering to port of loading, The mode of TG14x12T and TG12x10G gravel dredge pumps will be used for Cutter Suction Dredgers in Indonesia, TG Gravel pumps are designed to handle large particles for gravel and dredging operations, with a wide flow channel, It is mainly applied for continuous handling of the most difficult higher abrasive gravels, slurries, sands, bentonite, clay, rock etc.

Tobee® TG14x12T and 12x10G Gravel Pumps Data Sheet:


Max.Power P


Capacity Q


Head H


Speed n


Eff. η

(% )



Impeller Dia.



Tobee® TG14x12T and 12x10G Gravel Pumps Photos:

Warman 12x10 Gravel Pump

Warman 10 inch Dredge Gravel Pump

Warman 14x12 Gravel Pump

China 14x12 Dredge Pump

Warman 12 inch Dredge Pump

China Warman Gravel Pump

Warman Dredge Gravel Pump

Warman Gravel Pump Package

Warman Gravel Pump

Tobee® TG Gravel Pump Features:

• Modular design for ease of maintenance
• Large passage width designed to minimise internal velocities resulting in prolonged wear life
• Lifting points for easy maintenance
• Standard or advanced ZWZ bearing assembly improves reliability to extend bearing life reduce lubrication costs
• Shaft sealing for increased reliability, stuffing box, expeller, mechanical seal options available
• Standard three vane large passage impellers to accommodate passing large particle sizes
• Single piece sleeve for stuffing box sealing, lowers stock holding and maintenance
• Segmented volute clamp ring allows casing rotation to any required position
• Casings fitted with inspection/flushing hole as optional extra
• Multi-purpose design allows for reduced inventory requirements and interchangeability
• Belt guards allows for ease of maintenance and inspection of belt condition

Tobee® TG Gravel Pump Applications:

• Mill discharge
• Dredging
• Cyclone feed
• Sugar beet
• Sand reclamation
• Suction hopper dredging
• Slag granulation
• Barge loading

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