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Tobee® TG12x10G Gravel Dredge Pump Performance Testing

Nov 08, 2018

Tobee® TG12/10G Gravel Pump Test Video:

Tobee® TG12/10G Gravel Pump Test Data Sheet:

Tobee 12x10 Gravel Pump Test Data Sheet

Tobee® TG Series Gravel & Dredge Pumps

Capable of handling large particles at consistently high efficiency, resulting in lower costs. Casing is designed with a large volume internal profile to reduce associated velocities which prolong component life. Designed to pump extremely aggressive slurries with a wide particle distribution.

Tobee® TG Gravel & Dredge Pumps Features:

• Modular design for ease of maintenance
• Large passage width designed to minimise internal velocities resulting in prolonged wear life
• Lifting points for easy maintenance
• Standard or advanced bearing assembly improves reliability to extend bearing life reduce lubrication costs
• Shaft sealing for increased reliability, stuffing box, expeller, elevated seal or mechanical seal options available
• Standard three vane large passage impellers to accommodate passing large particle sizes
• Single piece sleeve for stuffing box sealing, lowers stock holding and maintenance
• Segmented volute clamp ring allows casing rotation to any required position
• Casings fitted with inspection/flushing hole as optional extra
• Multi-purpose design allows for reduced inventory requirements and interchangeability
• Belt guards allows for ease of maintenance and inspection of belt condition

Tobee® TG Gravel & Dredge Pumps Typical Applications:

• Mill discharge
• Dredging
• Cyclone feed
• Sugar beet
• Sand reclamation
• Suction hopper dredging
• Slag granulation
• Barge loading

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