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WN1000 Large Dredge Pump


    Capacity: 16000-25000m3/h
    Head: 23-76m
    Speed: 181-290r/min
    Eff.: 85-87%
    Inlet: 1200mm
    Outlet: 1000mm
    NPSHr: <6m
    Max. Particles: 350mm
    Seal arrangement: mechanical seal
    Materials: Hyper chrome alloy

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  • Product Description

Tobee® WN1000 Large Dredge Pump is single stage single suction horizontal centrifugal dredging pump system consists of the pump head, reduction gear box, flexible couplings, gearing marine monitoring system, it has a good overall structure of marine dredging excellent performance, high rate of long-term life, seal, reliable, comprehensive and significant economic benefits etc., WN series dredge pump can fully meet all requirements for various dredgers.

Design Features:

• Overall construction ship uses in the cabin
With natural good WN Dredge pump are used in submarine to satisfy the different hull structure to the mud sand pump request, the serviceability is broad.
WN dredge pump whole use the horizontal-type single stage single suction bracket structure, according to the gear box joint way it may provide two kinds of structure, namely the pump service department dispenses the gear box to gather a form or the pump bringing bracket and the gear box through the junction box connection.

• Dredging performance superiorly
Through the optimized design, the WN dredge pump have the good performance, the mud pump attract ability, digs deeply,the density is high, concentration, the WN dredge pump flow channel is worry-free,the overflow performance is good.the Mud pump performance curve drops,has the very good compatibility to the row of distance change.WN dredge pump may through changing the impeller the rotational speed or changes the impeller's the diameter to realize the pump current capacity,head adjustment.

• Wear resistance is excellent, the overflow life long
WN dredge pump wet-end part uses the high strength antifriction metal to cast iron (KmTBCr27), The hardness is greater than 60HRC, has very strong bears the impact ability and good abrasion performance.

• High efficiency, Good benefit
WN dredge pump water power design use CFD to carry on the flow field simulation, the mud sand pump efficiency is high, simultaneously avoids in the flow channel the excessively quick change to the overflow partial attrition, reduce the spare parts the consumption,guaranteed the pump the reliable movement,the economic efficiency is remarkable.

• Seal arrangements
WN dredge pump to be possible to use the packing seal or mechanical seal, the skeleton seal (replenishment fat), the wing nut (add L rubber seal) and so on many kinds of seal form,satisfies the customer the demand.

Tobee® WN1000 Large Dredge Pump Performance Parameters:

ModelCapacity Q
Head H
Speed n
Eff. η
Inlet Dia.
Outlet Dia.
Max. Particles

Tobee® WN1000 Large Dredge Pump Structural Drawing:

Tobee WN1000 Large Dredge Pump Structural Drawing

Tobee® WN1000 Large Dredge Pump Shaft Seal Arrangement:

Tobee WN Dredge Pump Packing sealTobee WN Dredge Pump Mechanical sealTobee WN Dredge Pump Packing seal with Mechanical seal
Packing sealMechanical sealPacking seal with Mechanical seal

Tobee® WN1000 Large Dredge Pump On-site Applications:

Tobee WN1000 Large Dredge Pump On-site Applications

• Dredging• Mining• Offshore dredging• Dredger
• Reclamation works• Sand reclamation• Filling sands• Sand Excavation
• Damming• Ash handing• Waste sludge• Coarse sand
• Blast slag• Lime mud• Coal prep• Construction
• Sea reclamation• Power Plant• Potash Fertilizer Plant• Other industries

Tobee® WN1000 Large Dredge Pump Dimensional Drawing:

Tobee WN1000 Large Dredge Pump Dimensional Drawing

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